Best Line: “Ask them bitches, I told them hoes/They back it up like Sonny drivin', Bronx Tale, Calogero”
Producer: Mr. Inkredible
Album: Sorry 4 The Wait
Label: N/A

Even if you thought that Sorry 4 The Wait was a phoned-in, rushed, half-assed mixtape, there's no denying that Wayne murked a handful of verses on the project. Weezy F but both feet in his rendition of Trae Da Truth's “Inkredible.”

Wayne went all the way aggressor on this one, talking that classic street talk, packed with plenty of extravagant similes about his firearms and levels of intoxication. And if you don't think Wayne was spitting on this one, well, you probably weren't listening hard enough—his flow was still tight like aerobics clothes.