Best Line: “My nuts hang like ain't no curfew”
Producer: T-Minus
Album: Take Care
Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal

Wayne's contribution to Drake's “HYFR” finds him at his most vulnerable, opening up about his love life and sexcapades with a certain someone. Whoever the lady may be, she was quite the inquisitor who struck enough of a chord with the Birdman Jr. that he dedicated an entire verse to her. On “HYFR,” Wayne plays a more serious, grown-and-sexy role, while sticking to an actual storyline for a change. Wayne even revisits his double-time flow on the track, seamlessly bouncing back and forth between that and his standard issue rhyme pattern.

Also, shouts to Wayne for bringing the whole “letting your nuts hang” slang back to hip-hop. Pause?

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