Professional skateboarder Stevie Williams, who has declared himself "the Jay-Z of skateboarding," did an interview for The Tanning Of America, and he revealed that he had been spending a lot of time skating with Lil Wayne. Now, we know that Tunechi hasn't always been the best skateboarder, but it sounds like he's learned a thing or two from wiping out. Here's what Stevie said about skating with Weezy:

On Wayne's Improvement:

Is he nice?

"Yeah, he’s getting there. I can tell you, he’s one of my biggest inspirations right now. Straight up. He’s the illest. As a person, as a skater, and definitely as a lyricist. He’s a dope dude. I give it up to Weezy. And I think it’s awesome that he skates. Like, he skates, yo."

He really goes in, huh?

"In my eyes, Wayne is a skateboarder now. We’ve spent hours, until five o’clock in the morning, breaking sweats, going over things. It’s dope to see him take it 200 percent serious. It’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it."

On Wayne's skating style:

"He has some good ethics, and it carries over to his skateboarding. He's already started to develop his own style, and it's sick."

Did he take the urban skateboarding thing to a whole other level?

"Yes, he did. Hands down. It’s undeniable that it’s skyrocketed since he’s embraced it, right? He’s going to change the world. I believe that."

On what tricks Wayne can do:

"With Wayne, it’s not like I teach him tricks. We talk a lot on the phone, and he’ll tell me what he’s working on. When we skate it’s more just like homies when we’re together. It’s not like I’m in there teaching him stuff. It’s more like hanging out. He’s cool with this other skateboarder too, Marcus McBride. They skate together too."

"He can do shove-its and some other basic stuff. His technique is really good. Right now, he’s working on a kickflip, which is a hard trick."

On where they skate:

"I skate with him at two different spots. One is Progressive Skatepark, which is in the suburbs of Atlanta. And he comes to Da Playground too [which is my private skate park in Atlanta]. The first time I saw him at Progressive, it was ill. I was with my homie, and we pulled up, and he had The Phantom parked outside. We were like, “Oh shit!” Then we went in, and he was in there skating with all his homies, and we all started skating together and just kickin’ it. But to see someone hop out of a Phantom with a skateboard, that’s like the realest shit I ever seen."

[via TheTanningOfAmerica]