We have some bad news for all you Joe Budden fans waiting on his planned new project, Feature Presentation. It's been canceled. In the above video interview with AllHipHop, the New Jersey native outlines why he had to nix the mixtape and the fact that we should be hearing the material he already recorded.

According to Budden, putting together the guest-heavy Feature Presentation reminded him why he didn't do projects like this in the first place: "I don’t really have the time with Slaughterhouse and everything happening to chase people for verses or be consistent in trying to get verses from people."

While that might be the case, he apparently received verses from Blu, Yelawolf, Z-Ro, Phonte. And even though the tape won't see the light of day in its finished form, Budden said he wants us to hear the tracks he finished prior to making this announcement.