Last week in Atlanta, we caught up with Gucci Mane and his new sidekick V-Nasty at the video shoot for "Let's Get Faded," one of the upcoming singles from their project BAYTL, with production by Zaytoven Their unlikely pairing has stirred up a lot of controversy, put V-Nasty on the map, and helped Gucci keep his buzz going.

During a break in the action at the video shoot, the new dynamic duo sat down for their first ever joint interview. They talked about their newfound friendship, their collaborative album, and why V-Nasty reminds Gucci of himself when he was coming up. He even spoke on her use of the n-word...

Interview by Drew Sanders @iAmDas

It’s been a good week for you Gucci. You just got out of jail and dropped an album with V-Nasty, BAYTL. How are things going with that?

Gucci Mane: Everything’s going well. The album, by word of mouth, [is] gonna spread from how good it is once people get it and start listening to it.

V-Nasty: I feel blessed about it. Motherfuckers better know, this is my only music I ever dropped.

V-Nasty you're from the Bay and Gucci’s from the ATL. How did y’all link up? 

Gucci Mane: It was just meant for us to meet. I was a fan of her, and she was a fan of mine. I like what she doing [and] she like what I’m doing. We just came to the lab and the music was just crazy. It was so easy. I never did an album so easy.

I heard it took like two weeks?

Gucci Mane: It took like three days!

Wow. How was it working with Gucci? I heard he was one of your favorite rappers.

V-Nasty: He is. He was great. He kept me going too.

Explain the day when you got that call.

V-Nasty: I had seen my manager, and he was like, ‘Aye, you wanna make a mixtape with Gucci Mane?’ I’m like, ‘Man, stop playing with me!' [Laughs.] He was like, ‘I’m serious!’ I was like, ‘Okay, hell yeah I want to do this shit,’ and then it happened. That shit happened quick.

What made you hear about V-Nasty? What stood out about her?

Gucci Mane: I keep my ear to the street. Whatever’s popping or whatever’s new, I want to be a part of. I feel like she got a lot of energy. She creative. She remind me a lot of me when I was coming up. I’m a big fan.

[The music that] I did hear from her was hard. I was open to [the idea when] somebody came up with the idea like, ‘You should do a mixtape with one of my homies.’ When he brought it to me, I was like, ‘That’s a good idea.’ I just never knew the music was gonna come out the way it did. it’s so effortless.

What’s one of the standout records for you on this project?

Gucci Mane: I like “Push Ups” probably the most. I like “Loaded” as well. I like “Let’s Get Faded,” “White Girl,” “Fill My Shoes”—I really like the whole album.

V-Nasty: I like that whole motherfucking album! That shit go crazy.

But if it was like one record [you had to pick] if you wanted somebody to listen to it...

V-Nasty: I like “Millions Every Month.” That shit go crazy.

I know everybody’s been asking about the N-Word thing. How did you feel about it when you started working with her? How did it make you feel having a white girl say the N-word?

Gucci Mane: I didn’t have no problem with it [or] with her, period. I was just eager to work with her. On our album, she didn’t say it one time—and she still went hard. [I don’t think] it’s really a big deal.

So it didn’t feel any kind of funny way at all with you working with Gucci, right?

V-Nasty: No. It ain’t supposed to though.

I talked to Zaytoven earlier. I asked him about the difference between ATL and the Bay area. He said the vibe is pretty much the same. How do you feel about that? 

Gucci Mane: I think both worlds really support our artists. In the Bay, they support their artists. In the A, we support our artists. We listen to mostly all of our [own] music. I think the collaboration [with V-Nasty] just opened up her to a different fan base and then opened me up to a fan base of all the people that listen to her music and follow her. I think with that said, we pleased our core fans. We did a good job on that project.

V, talk to me about how you feel about Atlanta.

V-Nasty: I love it, man. I want to move out here. I want to get my own house out here. It ain’t nothing like Oakland. I mean, it’s like Oakland [in the sense that] the people are cool and shit, but it ain’t shit like this out in Oakland.

What’s the difference?

V-Nasty: It’s a party—it’s a party, party, party!

Gucci, I gotta ask you, where do you get the best green at: The Bay or ATL?

Gucci Mane: Cali definitely.

Should we be expecting a BAYTL Part 2 coming soon?

Gucci Mane: I can’t say. We just dropped this one. We gon' let this one work. We definitely gonna drop another BAYTL 2. We gotta do it. It’s too hard.

V, I hear the White Girl Mob just added Princess Drop Dehd. How’d she get involved with the whole clique?

V-Nasty: We didn’t add her. She’s just our friend and we have plans for her. I mean, she’s a real cool person and individual, she has talent, and she’s been through a lot of shit. We want to basically give people a chance. If they ain’t got it, you might as well help them out. She got our attention though.

Better fit than Lil Debbie?

V-Nasty: I mean, I’m not saying all that.

Gucci, you were in prison for three months. What's the first thing you did when you got out?

Gucci Mane: First thing I did was go see my family, enjoy the day, and once I got my feet planted I got myself together and went to the studio to record music.

The time you was in there, did you focus on another project for the future?

Gucci Mane: I was thinking about what the BAYTL album was going to do and how people were gonna perceive me. I was eager to get out. I’m glad I got out a couple of days before I came out because I feel like it’s so controversial working with her, it was going to get listeners being critics of it—and I like proving the critics wrong.

Gucci, while you were away, you had your Futures, 2 Chainz, and YCs coming through and running the streets. How do you feel about those guys?

Gucci Mane: I feel like the music that they make is what’s up right now. They go hard. I’m definitely a fan of all three of them. They go crazy.

I heard you got a record coming out with my man 2 Chainz. What’s up?

Gucci Mane: I got a record with 2 Chainz, Future, Rocko, by myself, with Waka, and with Slim Dunkin. I’m always eager to work with who’s up and coming. I feel like keeping it going.

Any new tats?

Gucci Mane: Nah, no new tats.

What you think about the ice cream cone, V?

V-Nasty: I love it—BRRR! He gon' let you know he icey!