Slim On His Solo Debut, The Movie

Slim The Mobster: "It ain’t gonna be so much like my mixtape. I want to make sure that is separated. The music that I make for my mixtape is not the music that I make for my album. There’s a lot of freestyles and those things [on the mixtape], where when you make an album you have to put it together. I want to make sure I put my album together right, from the first song to the last song.

"I’m naming [my debut album] The Movie. Every song is like a scene to the movie. It’s me telling my story. It’s kinda like a movie when you think about a person that can really sit up and say ‘I just showed up to Dre’s studio with a CD like I’m gonna get on,’ and got on. Who does that? Oh, I do. Sorry! [Laughs]."