Slim’s Kids and his Hobbies

Slim The Mobster: "My hobbies are my kids and motorcycles. I love motorcycles. I’m a motorcycle freak. Dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, motorcyles, all of those things. You can catch me on PCH Sundays. That’s my shit.

"I got 4 boys and 2 girls—13, two 5-year-olds, a 4-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 2-year-old. Kids don’t take no for an answer. You can’t tell your daughter no when she needs diapers. That takes a different toll on you. I know some dudes with no kids that aren’t aware of the things that go on.

"When you got kids, you pay attention to the smallest shit because you have to in order to know where your kid is going. The thing that I really do love about myself is that no one is bigger to my kids than me. Barney is nothing compared to daddy. That’s big because most fathers don’t even spend time with their kids.


I know how to out-slick my kids cause I know everything they could possibly think of. I know the signs if you're smoking weed versus a parent that never smoked weed.


"I bring my kids to the studio because I want them to see that when I say I’m going to work, you know what it is so you’ll have a different respect for that money! When you get to spend it, you’ll be like ‘Daddy really go to work.’ Some people don’t do that. You really got to let your kids see what you do. That way they respect everything that goes on. My kids know certain things and I’m gonna make sure that they know it.

"I know how to out-slick them because I know everything that they could possibly think of. I know the signs if you’re smoking weed versus a parent that never smoked weed. Their son’s gonna be high as fuck and they gonna think little Bobby is crazy or he’s just hungry like, ‘Why is he eating everything?!’

"That’s another thing I try to establish. If you never been through nothing, how can you tell somebody about something? I can’t believe a person that never been a gang member—how you gonna tell me about gang-banging? A doctor can’t tell a technician how to change a motherfucking transmission, and [the technician] can’t tell [the doctor] how to do a heart transplant. It’s two different things. I feel like I’ve been through it all.

"That’s something like when you look at people like Tupac and Biggie. We’re just now getting their message and they been dead 10 or 11 years–longer than that. We’re just now like, ‘Damn, Tupac was really serious when he was saying this dude was a rat and this dude was this’ years later. I don’t expect people to even understand what I’m talking about right now."