Tupac was known for many things. He was a rapper, actor, intellectual, sex symbol, philanthropist, thug, poet, ex-felon, hood politician, and of course… a major mouthpiece who never ever bit his tongue.

Many have tried and many have failed to capture the pure raw angst that Pac would pour out whenever he launched into one of his infamous tirades. Oftentimes his rants were as provocative as his raps—full of passion and fury, unexpected humor and uncomfortable emotional nakedness. And of course there were times when they could be downright foul and ugly. Did Pac care how crazy he sounded? Probably not, which made it that much more entertaining for us listeners.

So in celebration of the days when rappers weren’t so politically correct, we went digging through the archives to select our all-time favorite 2Pac Rants. If you’re a rapper (or R&B thug) reading this right now, have a seat and take notes on how it’s really done…

Written by Linda Hobbs (@linnyloveslin)