Bogie And Bacall

In 1956, Sinatra became friends with tough guy actor Humphrey Bogart. Shortly after they became close, Bogart was diagnosed as having throat cancer and Sinatra visited him often and, in the process, got to know Bogart's wife Lauren Bacall well.

A year later, on January 14, 1957 Bogart died. Afterwards, Sinatra was often in the company of Bogie’s widow. The following year, Sinatra proposed to Bacall, who agreed to marry him. Nevertheless, Frank left the following morning for Miami.

That evening Bacall was questioned by a journalist who reported the news to the world. When Sinatra saw the papers, he admonished Bacall and she didn’t hear from Frank again for years. According to Sinatra’s second wife Ava Gardner, he claimed that he never had any intention of marrying ‘that pushy female.’”