After watching a 28-minute public service announcement from Lil Wayne, we now know:

1. Lil Wayne has a Discover card.
2. Tyga, Shanell, Drake, Lil Twist and Birdman have albums on the way.
3. Weezy has a skate ramp outside of his balcony (plus bonus footage of his crib).
4. He was referred to as the "Barack Obama of Bugatti" by the people at the Bugatti dealer.
5. 40 kids in New Orleans under the Canal bridge skate because of Dwayne.
6. He picked up a guitar so he could sing to a girl.
7. We can now pour a "4" up in his name.
8. He was considered a "Chief Blood" in prison.
9. The broken rock in his patio needs fixing.
10. Weezy loves the kids and has a problem with underage obesity in this country.

There are a lot more gems throughout the video, so be ready to watch 28 minutes and 58 seconds out of your day fly by. Moral of the story: Have a reason as to why you do the things you do and don't be fake about it.

Weezy F. Baby's new album The Carter IV is out now.