Psychedelic, experimental rockers The Flaming Lips already released a song that plays for six hours. The song is called "I Found This Star On The Ground," and it's packaged with a toy called the "Strobo Trip." While outrageous, we're sure it will work nicely as the soundtrack to many drug-induced journeys. Wayne Coyne even admitted, regarding the Strobo Trip:

“I mean, I don’t know if you could play with it for six hours, but it’s kind of meant so that kids can like, take LSD and play with it. You know, that’s kind of our intention, so that people buy it at like a festival, and then go back to their parents’ and take some acid and play with it all night. So it’s a song you can play while you’re sitting at your computer, you plug it in and it plays all night.”

Six hours is apparently not enough time to spend tripping on acid and playing with toys. Their next composition will literally play out for an entire day.

"At this time, we can confirm the rumors of a single 24-hour-long song are indeed insane and absolutely true. The Lips are recording the track this month. While lots of rumors, speculations and 'facts' have been circulating, suffice to say official details will be announced once we really know how, when, etc.  Stay tuned to for details."

So if you need to re-up on LSD, you should go ahead and do that now.