LL Cool J Reveals How His Father Shot His Mother

Book: I Make My Own Rules

Year: 1998

What happened? When James Todd Smith was a little kid, his father got fed up after months of trying to win LL’s mother back (he had been abusive to her in the past). But instead of buying her flowers or a Hallmark card saying "I apologize," LL’s father rolled up on her as she was going into her house and shot her in the back with a 12-gauge shotgun. A stray shot ripped into LL’s grandfather’s stomach as he opened the door.

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, LL’s grandmother came outside, cursed out LL’s father, put both wounded relatives in the back of her car, and sped them to the hospital. Thanks to grandma’s heroics, LL's mother and grandfather both survived.

Complex says: We already knew plenty of rappers have mothers who are G’ed up, but a story like this make us want to read a list of Hip-Hop’s Most Gangsta Grandmas.