Producer: The Neptunes
Album: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle O.S.T.
Label: Sony
Best Youtube Comment: "This is horrible." - FeasBeatz

Complex Says: Nas is at his best when he's slickly weaving coded rhymes about deep subjects, and arguably at his worst when rhyming vapidly about having his way with women. Pharrell is the exact opposite. That's probably why on “Angels...The Flyest,” their chemistry couldn't be worse.

Nas boasts and raps descriptively about getting it in with hot women, while Pharrell croons a chorus telling the same ladies what they can do to be “the flyest.” The narrative is bland and only trumped by the annoying sample that dominates the beat (at the time, anything that sounded remotely Middle Eastern was getting sampled). Luckily this stinker ended up on the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle soundtrack, and not an album that anybody actually heard.