Label: Ill Will/Columbia Records
Worst Song: "Big Girl"


In 1994, Nas released one of the most revered rap albums in the genre's history, Illmatic. In 1996, Nas did the impossible—he actually made a worthy sequel to his landmark debut, It Was Written. By 1999, some of Nas' reverence in rap circles had wavered but no matter—the shortcomings of his third album I Am... could be blamed on a notorious leak which forced Nas' to reformat the album on the fly. However, the wheels fell off when he dropped his fourth album, Nastradamus.

What can we say about this album that hasn't already been said in the past? Nastradamus is the epitome of what a rap album fail is. From the piss-poor beat selection to the scatter-brained concepts to the obvious commercial attempts to straight up terrible rhyming, Nastradamus was Nas at his worst. We're willing to bet if Nas had never made Nastradamus, Jay-Z would have never had the balls to diss him on “Takeover.” It's just too bad Nas couldn't have predicted this album would suck—and live as an ugly stain on his track record—before he put it out.