When it comes to guest features, you have to give it to TLET hands down because of “Scenario.” That is the No. 1 all-time crew jam ever. That song actually took Busta Rhymes from being a part of Leaders of the New School and brought him to “Who is this guy?” status.

His lyrics, his energy, and the fact that he ended the song—no one can follow that. The song is 20 years old now and it’s still one of the best verses ever. What he did on that verse is still, to this day, unmatchable.

You can’t touch what "Scenario" did for hip-hop and what it did for Busta Rhymes.

Tribe never did that thing where you invite a hot guest in for a feature just to get a look on radio. So that’s not an issue. Every guest artist has to fit organically with the track.

Although Large Professor, Trugoy, and Busta show up on MM, you can’t touch “Scenario.” You can’t touch what that song did for hip-hop and you can’t touch what it did for Busta Rhymes’ career.

Advantage: The Low End Theory

The Low End Theory: 3 | Midnight Marauders: 3