Label: Ruthless Records
Worst Song: "Change The World"


Despite going pop with "The Crossroads," Bone Thugs were actually best known as the kings of smoked-out murder rap during their mid-'90s heyday. But after taking three years off to pursue a number of underwhelming solo projects, the Cleveland crew reunited in 2000 to rekindle their melodic magic.

The reunion album, BTNHResurrection, certainly has its moments, but it also showed a softer, gentler Bone who was intent on recapturing its "Crossroads" success. Instead of straight gangster music, the focus fell on R&B-flavored tracks, an ecstasy anthem, and introspective "Crossroads" imitations like "Change The World." Sadly, the disappointment turned Bone from one of the most dominant crews in the rap game to a forgotten "I Love The '90s" punchline.