It's been a good weekend for tweaked rap visuals. First, it was these c////o kids, now we get another video from this Polo Unicorn guy we initially heard about a couple of months ago. The story of artists like Tyler, The Creator and Lil B opening up the lane for weirdo, Internet-based indie rap has been told again and again, but now we're starting to see the residual effects of those movements.

In "My Way," Polo Unicorn brings shock value (coke baggie, semi-nudity, overdose), and a genuine "what the fuck" confusion that's more alluring than off-putting these days. What we'll take from this for now is that MF Doom couldn't be the only rapper wearing a mask forever, and Lex Luger isn't the only contemporary inspired by the perverse hedonism of Three 6 Mafia. Watch more randomness at Polo's YouTube page.

[Pigeons & Planes]