Jason Goldwatch: "Early in the day, my mistake was telling them about this scene. But I was like, 'Yeah, we have this hotel room to destroy later today.' And I shouldn’t have told them because then the whole fucking day everyone is just waiting to destroy this room.

"You have to build towards that shit, so when we got going I was just like, 'Slow the fuck down. Calm the fuck down.' That’s actually when L.A. Weekly showed up, and it’s funny because their whole article was about me being like this stepfather who calms these teenagers the fuck down. 

"They destroyed it so much in the first cut that I was like, 'We need to slow this way down.' So then I was just assigning, 'The T.V. is yours, we’ll do it in a minute. The phone is yours, we’ll do it in a minute. You get the wall.' Just sort of, assigning things to break. We were being scholastic about how to rage, which is sort of funny."