Game sat down for this Jam'n 94.5 interview with the intention of promoting his new album, but things got interesting when the subject of Jay-Z came up a couple of times.

The California rapper has never been shy when it comes to speaking his mind and dropping names. In "Uncle Otis," he made his feelings pretty clear, and it left many wondering what his problem with Hov was.

Around 5 minutes in, Game starts off by calling it "friendly competition," but around 16 minutes deep into the interview, the topic comes up again, and Jayceon explains that meeting Jay-Z seven years ago was a disappointment and led to what he calls a "short-lived hatred." He goes on to say that Jay was overly cocky and played his fans.

After all this, Game admits that it was a long time ago and that things may have changed, but he also states, "It turned me left. Ever since then, I’ve been taking little potshots here and there. It’s nothing personal." Watch the whole interview below.