#23. Lil Wayne Parties With The Dallas Mavericks After The NBA Finals

Date: June 13

Everyone knows Lil Wayne loves sports. So it was no surprise that he attended the NBA Finals—along with his new main squeeze—especially considering that he lives in Miami. Birdman was there too, rooting for the Heat after he bet $2 million that they would beat the Dallas Mavericks. But Dirk and the Mavs ended up beating Miami in six games. And what do you do when you win the NBA Finals? You go to Disneyland! YOU PARTY! And who better to party with than Weezy?

Wayne was spotted at Miami's popular club Liv, holding up the Larry O'Brien trophy, and taking pics with Dirk Nowitski. Baby and Wayne were seen as hypocrites since everyone assumes they're both Miami fans even though Wayne has said he doesn't root for Lebron and D-Wade.