#3. Complex Finds Earl Sweatshirt

Date: April 14

Not to toot our own horns, but we were the first to solve the mystery on everyone’s mind: Where is Earl Sweatshirt? Stumbling through a tangled web of obscure Facebook posts and other intangible hints, we found out that the prodigiously gifted Odd Future rapper is currently at the Coral Reef Academy, a boarding school in Samoa for troubled boys.

Soon after our story, the New Yorker posted a similar story in which they claimed to have interviewed Earl through his mother. The interview depicted Earl as content with his current situation, which immediately raised doubts about the merit of the interview.

We then interviewed Earl's friend and fellow Coral Reef Academy attendee Tyler Craven, who said the story was false, that he believed Earl's answers had been coerced, and that Earl was clearly unhappy in Samoa. Since then we've managed to find Earl's gradeschool photo and piss off Tyler, The Creator. But all we got to say is, Free Earl!

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