#10. Adele, 21

Released: January 20 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)

Label: XL Recordings

Complex says: We've heard that for the longest time Adele's ex-boyfriend had no idea she was talking about him. When the light bulb finally went off, he preceded to demand some royalty money for being a dick “inspiration.” Now we see where the motivation to make two gut wrenching break-up albums came from and Adele does nothing, but deliver on her sophomore recording. This time around though she's a little bit tougher. Even “Rolling In The Deep” on which she belts “We could have had it all!” is slightly grittier than her last album's central tenet “Melt My Heart To Stone.” We say that she should keep him around because despite being supremely talented and hugely successful, what the hell will she have to write about if anyone ever makes her happy?