Ja Rule f/ Jadakiss & Fat Joe “New York” (2004)

Produced by: Cool and Dre

Jadakiss: “Murder Inc. and Ruff Ryders are like cousins. From the beginning, with X working with [Irv] Gotti, and [Ruff Ryders CEOs] Darrin and Joaquin having a good relationship with the Gotti brothers. But that whole 50 [Cent] thing was going on at the time, and I was really neutral.

“They tracked me down. BJ [from Murder Inc.] was on us like, ‘I need this verse, please!’ Cool and Dre had did the beat. The beat was knockin’ though! Once I really sat down and heard it I was like, ‘I don’t got nothing to do with this whole 50 shit or none of that, I’m gonna do it.’ And then that gave him some ammo to act like I was siding with Ja, but it wasn’t really like that, it was just a good song at the end of the day.

”[50 Cent] realized I guess that it was doing a little something, making a little noise, and he was on ‘Operation Ja Can’t Make No Noise.’ So that all transpired from there. It was really all a marketing tool for him. How could I not [go back at 50 Cent]? How would you feel if I didn’t go back at him?”