Producer: DJ Lil Daddy
Album: "I Gotsta' Have it" Single B-Side
Label: Yo!

Though he rose to prominence during the era of simpler bounce chants, Tim Smooth was a more traditional storyteller and lyricist in the New York vein. He honed his lyrics on the local battle scene and created one of the greatest "I'll Take Your Girl" rap songs of all time with "I Don't Give a Damn About Your Boyfriend." It was an underground hit throughout the South (Samples of Tim's "yaoe man" proved particularly prominent on the Memphis mixtape scene), and in 1994 Rap-A-Lot Records picked Smooth to reissue "Girlfriend" with an inferior alternate mix. It didn't stick, but Smooth moved into the position of hip-hop elder statesman in his hometown, continuing to produce minor hits and collaborating with a then up-and-comer named Mystikal.