Producer: Bangladesh
Album: Tha Carter III
Label: Cash Money

Superficially "A Milli" has very little to do with the sonics of New Orleans hip-hop, but it's a cumulative showcase for one of its greatest talents. Wayne operates at the height of his lyrical prowess, and he was only able to achieve such heights by being a student of his hometown's rap scene. They said he was rapping like Big, Jay, Tupac, and Andre, but the show-offy verses are equally soaked in the styles of NO's finest—the presence of Juvenile, the passion of Slim, the swagger of B.G., and the elasticity of Mystikal. His coming-out party was a testament to all of their successes. And while New Orleans always recognized Wayne's talents, it wasn't until Tha Carter 3 that the rest of the world came around to his "Best Rapper Alive" Boasts.

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