Producer: DJ JMK
Album: Bounce Back/Buggs Can Can Triggerman Y2G's/Beats & Pieces
Label: King's/Profile/Mixx-It
Hot Boy Ronald "Walk Like Ronald"

Showboys "Drag Rap"

Cameron Paul "Brown Beats"

The Showboys' "Drag Rap" may not technically be a New Orleans rap record—it was cut in Queens by childhood friends of Run DMC—but it's the most important rap record to hit New Orleans. It flopped in New York but caught on in Southern markets, particularly NOLA, where it became standard-issue sample fodder for aspiring producers and DJs and the subsequent backbone for the entire subgenre of bounce music.

Every last fragment of "Drag Rap" has found its way into various corners of New Orleans rap music—its rolling 808 drum sequences, the Dragnet theme, its xylophone sounds— which the Showboys themselves call "the bones"—its chants of "alright," its violent narrative, and even its interpolation of the Old Spice deodorant commercial theme. Listeners also adopted emcee Phil D.

Showboys member Triggerman's rap name was a shorthand title for the record, and thus the "Triggerman" break was born. "Triggerman" was quickly expanded by the addition of "Brown Beats," a similarly angular loop pulled from Bay Area producer Cameron Paul's Bits and Pieces breakbeat collection. This combination, in essence, formed the backbone for New Orleans bounce music.

Cash Money maestro Mannie Fresh once bragged that he'd "clock six figures/Off 'Brown Beats' and 'Triggers'," and he did. Other artists weren't quite as fortunate, often having to settle for the pride of local success over significant fame or financial gain. Nevertheless, the "Triggerman" legacy continues to dominate and Hot Boy Ronald's "Walk Like Ronald" is just one of the hundreds of local records to make use of this model.