Produced by: The Alchemist

Prodigy: “When you put the album on you hear this lady talking about the Illuminati, gold, oil, and drugs. That’s what their G.O.D. stands for. The next song you hear is ‘Real Power Is People.’ It says, ‘Money is worthless, real power is people/Fuck jewelry, fuck rims, let’s spend on our protection.’ That was my rebellious song where I was going at the system.

“I was going at that whole lifestyle. I decided to say fuck that lifestyle and to tell people to snap out of it. There’s more important things. You don’t have to copycat that shit, just be yourself. And it was my plan to never wear jewelry again and all the other bullshit. So I was showing people where I was headed with that song.

“But then the next song that comes on is ‘The Life.’ That was one of the songs off Return Of The Mac that we were like, ‘Nah, this is too hot. Let’s save this for the album.’ On that, I’m talking about Ferraris, diamonds, and all the other shit that we’re addicted to. It’s just showing the contrary, like this is what a nigga wants to do, but the problem is niggas is addicted to shit. [Laughs.]

“I’m just showing the struggle that niggas is going through. I went through my little struggles already with the money and I still got that shit in me because that’s what I do. Everybody knows me from my chains like, ‘Yo, what kind of piece is P going to have on this album?’ The jewelry, the fashion, and the cars—that’s the life I came up living before I was a rapper. So it’s just hard to snap out of that shit. Like, I still got to throw on a little something, some nice clothes and shit. [Laughs.].”

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