Elitist rap fans won't have too many nice things to say about "Zan With That Lean," but it's not like Soulja Boy ever made music for them, anyway. Records like this and YC's club hit "Racks" signal the emergence of a post-swag, slurred Auto-Tune style of rap that reminds of us Lil Wayne's experimental post-Drought 3, pre-Carter III era.

Although Soulja tells us 50 Cent is his mentor, he's clearly taking more than a few cues from Weezy here, even going as far to take pulls of lean from the infamous styrofoam cup. One can only assume that "zan" is short for Xanax. Rock and roll, baby! We might need to check out the rest of that Juice mixtape.

BONUS: Soulja Boy "Zan With That Lean (Original)"