Buckwild: “That was Monch’s solo record. It’s funny, Pharoahe Monch never played that beat for Prince Po. He was like, ‘He’s not getting on this.’ When I first heard them on ‘Fudge Pudge’ I became a fan instantly. ‘Thirteen’ is another one of those records that would go over an average thug person’s head, lyrically. Because he’s talking about the scientific table of contents and all that other shit. So if you’re smart, you’re going to love the record, but if you’re dumb, you’re going to be like, ‘Who’s this smart dude?’

“Monch completely morphs into someone different when he gets in the booth. You can tell he comes into one with the music. He’s also a perfectionist who cares about even the smallest syllable. Both Monch and Prince are producers. So when you’re in the studio with them, you don’t have to tell them what to fix, because they already see the problems you see. With Organized I can say those were some of the easiest sessions. They were more artists than dudes who could just rap."