Buckwild: “That record I did with Stevie J. I knew Jay at the time. He just finished Vol. 1., Biggie had passed, and he heard the song I did for Biggie. So once again, Shawn Carter starts with the, ‘Hey, if you got beats for me, here's my number.’ So I gave him some beats, he heard the idea, and he was like, ‘Yo, I like the idea. I want to bring Stevie to work with you.’

“This is around the time when people started to think Jay-Z doesn’t write lyrics. So Jay comes in and he has an idea for the song. He mutters a few words. He kept listening, goes in, and lays down another four to eight bars. And that’s how he worked. He writes in his head. So what he does is first writes the music, which is the flow. So after you write the music, you put the words to match the flow.

“So when I gave him the beat tape, I guess he had the idea for the whole song. He brought Stevie to come in to lay some keys, and make the foundation for him to rhyme to. After that, he needed a chorus, and Karen Anderson came in and hummed some stuff. We liked what she did, she laid it down, and that was that. Stevie put the sprinkles, and that was the record.”