Buckwild: “I originally submitted the song to Lil Kim, but her A&R was telling us she turned the beat down. In fact, she didn’t even get to hear it. It was one of those okie dokes the A&R pulled. A week later, I’m in the studio with AZ in Jersey. And I’m telling him, ‘Yo, this is the joint right here.’ And he goes, ‘That’s cool, man. But I got a lot of records on my album.’

“Then Ty Fyffe hears the beat and goes, ‘Yo, AZ, you’re a fool if you don’t take this.’ So now it was Ty Fyffe and me versus AZ. We’re going back and forth, and he just goes, ‘Yeah, the beat is cool, but it’s just not talking to me.’ And then Deo, who’s AZ’s manager, walks into the room, and now it’s three versus one. Then he goes, ‘Yo, if you guys really think this, I’ll run with it.’

“He recorded the song when I wasn’t there. I liked the song, but the vision that I had of the song, with him playing off the sample, that’s what I wanted Kim to do. It’s ironic that when it got to Motown that’s the record they picked for the single. [Laughs.]

"Over the years we became friends. So after that record, I had one up. I’m not even going to say, ‘I told you so.’ But it proves that I know what I’m talking about.”