Produced by: Lil Jon

E-40: “So Lil Jon produced that track and he came with the beat. I had my boy Al Capone in the studio, he's been rolling with my camp for years. That's a good friend of mine. I had my boy Maurice Garland and I had Sean Kennedy from San Jose in the studio as well. So we all in there as Lil Jon made the beat.

“Then Al Capone is like, ‘Yo, we need to get an R&B singer on there. We need to get somebody that's not overexposed, but got the cold pen that’s really up-and-coming.’ So we thinking. Next thing you know, Al Capone says, ‘You think you can get that T-Pain boy on there?’ And it just so happened that my dude Maurice Garland—who is a writer—was in the studio. And Sean Kennedy was like, ‘Maurice just got finished doing a write-up on T-Pain.' And Maurice says, ‘I got a line on him. Lemme call him.’

“So he called Bu (Akon's brother) and we told him T-Pain needed to come down to Stankonia Studios. Next thing you know, the boy T-Pain was walking in the door. It just so happened that T-Pain was in Atlanta at that time. He came in there, did the hook, and killed it. He didn't even need AutoTune. He put that on after. People don't know that, but T-Pain really can sing. He put the AutoTune on there cause that was his signature sound, but the hook was already raw like that.

“Then we called Kandi from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi's a writer but she's also an artist. She was in the legendary group Xscape. At first, I wanted Keyshia Cole to do the part Kandi had wrote. Kandi came down and put the girl's singing part down, the little bridge. And she wrote it for whoever we wanted to put on there.

“We wanted Keyshia Cole to get on there. She was gonna do it, but she backed out at the last minute saying she don't want to do that type of music. She missed out on a smash hit. So we were like, ‘Kandi you stay on here then. We're gonna keep your part on here and you get in the video. It became a smash hit. It was the biggest record I ever had in my life.”

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