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Produced by: Ant Banks

E-40: “When people ask me who I grew up on, the first person to come out of my mouth is Too $hort, even though Too $hort is only a couple years older than me. But he started a little bit earlier than me. So his tapes were circulating out in the neighborhoods before me. So obviously I'm a fan.

“I'm one of those fans that's gone make sure that I'm not gone take somebody's shit and not pay homage. I'm gone make sure I include 'em with it and they part of it. Cause I know if somebody wanna use some of my kind of shit, I'm not gone trip too much. But it's just common sense and also a respectful thing that you gone reach out, that's how I've always been.

“So with 'Earl, That's Yo' Life’ that was one of my favorite songs when I was in my mannish days. You know, sliding through in my Cougar with the ZNAs and Vogues with the chrome, the gold grill, the gold luggage rack with the gold tips, the elegant lights with the canvas top. That whole shit.”