Produced by: Sam Bostic

E-40: “I call that ‘Mobbed Out Playa Type Metaphors and Punchlines.’ Today, a lot of rappers, all they do is just metaphors and punchlines. It really don't be no storytelling or messages. That was my version back in 1995 of metaphors and punchlines, that slick-talk. I put some real game behind it, talking ghetto slang and shit. That was something real motherfuckers can relate to, that really was going down in the hood—just raw shit. I was kinda like, ‘Fuck this don't need no hook. Lemme just gas it all the way through.’ I didn't trip off no hook or nothing. The beat was blapping and I just called it ‘Da Bumble.’

“I called it that because it was trunk-rocking. Sam Bostic produced the track, but I came to him and said, ‘Sam, I want you, with this song right here, to flip ‘187 Proof’ by Spice 1 and turn it into your song, your own way.’ And he did. The beat came out so hard man, you could just go in there and smoke the fuck out of the microphone.”