Produced by: Studio Ton

E-40: "I say, 'Studio Ton, gimme one of those sinister mob, something just like a movie theme, like I'm telling a story.' Back then, storytelling was really in effect. That’s what it was about and when you paint a picture it's always classic music—and that's why I went back to telling my stories. For a long time people stopped wanting to hear stories, but I'm like, Fuck it I'm gon' let my nuts hang over my shoulder and start telling stories. And that's what I've been doing lately.

“So basically 'Bring the Yellow Tape' was a way of saying something went down on the block and the streets is blocked off. Yellow tape, they got the white chalk, the body outline, all that, you know it's a crime scene. I was just imagining that, and I turned it into a story, like this is how it really go down though. My lyrics complimented the music and the music complimented my lyrics. I got a great imagination, and I pay close attention to my surroundings and I'm very observant. When I was young I was a student of the game.”