Eminem f/ Chaos Kid "Artificial Flavour"

Eminem f/ Chaos Kid "Poo Butt"

Eminem f/ Chaos Kid "Unrealistically Graphic"

Made public just over a year ago, these are decidedly ill discoveries: Em and then-partner Kid Chaos kick playful tongue-twisting fast raps over late ’80s/early ’90s SD50s-style beats, showing the unmistakable influence of the likes of 3rd Bass, K.M.D., and Brand Nubian. (Don’t even pretend the sing-song chorus to “Poo Butt” doesn’t sound like they’re sayin’, “Puba.”) Though Em didn’t catch his big break ’til years later with his performances at the ’97 Rap Olympics, this trio of tracks shows the extent of his pure rhyming skill even while still searching for his own voice and mimicking popular styles of the day.

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