Produced by: Sean C & LV
Complex says: Prior to its release, much of the chatter about Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 revolved around whether or not Nas would make a guest appearance to follow-up his legendary verse on “Verbal Intercourse.” In the end, fans were disappointed when Nasty didn’t make a cameo and Nas himself admitted he regretted not appearing on the album. We’re guessing he tried to make it up with this record, but this song is more “Let My Niggas Live” (Nas’ other Wu-Tang collab) than it is “Verbal Intercourse.” “Timbs yellow like a Malibu surfer hair be,” raps Nas on this track, which should signal that the heavier themes of the rest of the record aren’t really present here. Rae goes off on the second verse though.

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