Complex says: Prince Paul’s flawlessly crafted 1999 concept album, A Prince Among Thieves, tells the story of an aspiring rapper named Tariq (played by emcee Breezly Brewin) who ends up in the world of drug dealing thanks to his friend True (played by Big Sha). True takes Tariq to cop a burner from Crazy Lou, played by none other than Dr. Octagon himself, Kool Keith. Keith’s character has got army guns, but he’s kinda insane in the membrane (“He was an ex-marine captain who got discharged for sexual misconduct with a deadly weapon”). Keith kicks that superior-artillery flow, touching on everything from Remington A-70s to pistols with F.B.I. whistles. Keith's abstract rhyme-style, and often humorous lyrics, were perfect for Prince Paul's movie-score style backdrop, turning "Weapons World" into a crash course in Infantry Training 101.

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