Album: G.O.O.D. Fridays
Best line: "If you fall on the concrete, that's your asphalt/If you pass on a Kan' beat, that's your ass fault."
Complex says: The first G.O.O.D. Friday leak! We originally heard this when Kanye was rapping it on top of a table in the Facebook offices. The song surfaced soon after, complete with features from Beyoncè (she said the N-word!), Charlie Wilson, and (months later) Big Sean. The record was met with varied reactions, but hate it or love it, no one could front on Kanye's verses—the first one being the standout here. With Kanye-isms like "I'm Socrates, but my skin more chocolatey" back in full effect, we should have known he'd own this year. Now excuse us, we're headed over to Nobu with no shoes.
Lyrics: "Now, I’ma need you to kill the hypocrisy/This is an aristocracy/I’m Socrates, but my skin more chocolately/What’s up with who? That’s old news/I’m in a speedboat, in my boat shoes/Huh? I swear my whole collection’s so cool/I might walk in Nobu with no shoes/He just walked in Nobu like it was Whole Foods!/That nigga crazy, I told you!/Immature adult (uh huh), insecure asshole (what else?)/And if you fall on the concrete, that’s yo’ ass fault/If you pass on a Kan beat, that’s yo’ last fault/Get what you ask for, I swear that’s yo’ ass, so/She got a big booty, but she couldn’t drop that ass low/‘Til you take yo’ last ho, and rope up all the cash flow/When you gettin’ money, they be all up on yo’ ass, yo/When you gettin’ money Kans don’t let a nigga pass go/Straight to jail, yo, in a hell hole/Right next to Lucifer, tell ‘em I say hello/Ask him if I’ma be there soon and tell ‘im I said “Hell, no!”/Yo, what you say when your people get out of jail, huh?"