Album: G.O.O.D. Fridays
Best line: "What do it mean to be the boss/It mean second place is the first one who lost/The crucifixion, the being nailed to the cross/Truth of Fiction, it's a hell of a cost/Do the dishes."
Complex says: We're pretty sure ’Ye didn't invent putting complex weighty rhymes next to fairly light-hearted ones, but no one does it better these days. With Swizz hyping him up, ’Ye kicks off his verse with ruminations on being nailed to the cross before following it up with jives about dunking and slapping boards.
Lyrics: "What do it mean to be the boss?/It mean second place is the first one who lost/The crucifixion, the being nailed to the cross/Truth or fiction, it’s a hell of a cost, do the dishes/I’m ’bout to hit that Jeff Gordon/Michael Jordan, the only one more important/But I be feelin’ like Jordan when I’m recordin’/‘Cause every time I record, I dunk to slap the boards/I don’t know what these rappers gon’ do afterwards/Prolly spaz like I might do at the awards/Huh, I got the whole crowd goin’ crazy/Homie, I should be rewarded/Gettin’ money Yeezy, Yeezy, how you do it, huh?/Eatin’ Wheaties, drinkin’ Fiji, bein’ greedy, huh?/Don’t even think you can allude to the rumors/I’m immune to the boos, I’ma prove to you losers/It’s all in time, my nigga/See, I dreamed my whole life that I could rhyme with Jigga/Now Jay my big brother and Bey my li’l sister/And excuse me, but, you can’t see my li’l sister/Number one sound across the board, hey/Number one now and forevermore, hey/Number one rule is niggas gon’ hate/Maybe I’ll drop the album, nah, all y’all gotta wait/And on the ‘Net they showin’ pictures of my Cali place/My Maybach in NY, but it still got the Cali plates/All my old girls know that I’m the one that got away/I think about ‘em Christmas, and play some Donny Hathaway/And keep my bulletproof hater coat on/Lookin’ at some photos that I’m lookin’ crazy dope on/Hand up, talkin’ shit, yeah, I get my Pope on/And go home with something to poke on/That’s what Dre said, but this what ‘Ye said/How ‘Ye doin’? Who ‘Ye screwin’?/That’s for my dick to know, before you get to know ‘im/She ain’t give you ass?/That pussy fictional/I gotta give her the eviction no-tice/“Get yo’ ass out, bitch, vamonos!”/Five seconds to the song end, we gettin’ close/I got the power, ma’fucka, if you didn’t know"

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