Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Best line: "I hit the Jamaican spot, at the bar, take a seat/I ordered the Jerk, she said, 'You are what you eat."
Complex says: For the second verse on "Devil In A New Dress" Kanye delivers on everything rap nerds critique, including flow, delivery, and breath control, and we get a bunch of witty little anecdotes. 'Ye tells us "don't leave while you're hot, that's how Ma$e screwed up," and teaches a grip of uninformed kids how to pronounce Dior Homme within a matter of seconds. The bars are cushioned by an awesome opening verse and feature from Rick Ross, but the verse that made us look at jerk chicken differently forever remains our favorite.
Lyrics: “When the sun go down, it’s the magic hour/The magic hour/And outta all the colors that are still up the skies/You got green on your mind/I can see it in your eyes/Why you standing there with your face screwed up/Don’t leave while your hot, that’s how Ma$e screwed up/Throwing shit around, the whole place screwed up/Maybe I should call Ma$e so that he could pray for us/I hit the Jamaican spot, at the bar, take a seat/I ordered you jerk, she said, ‘You are what you eat’/You see, I always loved your sense of humor/But tonight you should have seen how quiet the room was/The Lyor Cohen of Dior Homme, that’s Dior Homme not Dior homie/The crib Scarface, could it be more Tony?/You love me for me? Could you be more phony?”

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