Album: Alors On Danse (UK EP)
Best line: "Even though they focus on just the flaws/This still gon' annihilate the festivals."
Complex says: In August, Kanye strong-armed Belgian artist Stromae's pop hit "Alors On Danse," and spit some more of that rich-guy, rap-star braggadocio that he does so well. Here he takes us through a typical night on one those foreign excursions that he goes on every now and again, and talks nonchalantly about nights of flashing lights and mornings with Russian models. It's the G.O.O.D. life, equipped with a Gulfstream and expensive champagne. Act like you know.
Lyrics: “Unfortunately for the rest of y'all/I’m way better than the best of all/And even though they focus on just the flaws/This still gonna annihilate the festivals/And we still gon' sip the Dom Perignon/And still gon' eat the filet mignon/And yeah yeah yeah, I’ve been known/To cover up my eyes at the Rabion.”

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