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Best Song: "Mr. Rager"

Kid Cudi’s sophomore set finds him teetering on the brink of complete self-destruction. Addressing all of his problems head-on, including his cocaine abuse, Cudi offers a depressed, lethargic take on life and a lukewarm review on fame. While his G.O.O.D. Music mentor may have opted for the most layered production possible, Cudi strips everything to its barest essentials, employing a minimalist sound that often features nothing but a hollow drumbeat and a few keys on the piano or strums on the guitar. The album works wonders if you’re invested in the lonely stoner and identify with his Mr. Rager persona, but even if you don’t you can always appreciate the blunt honesty of lines like, “Wanna know what it sounds like when I’m not on drugs?/Please, please don’t play this song.”

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