Jay Rock’s like my brother, man. I came into this music scene with him. It was crazy how it happened because I’m from Compton and he’s from Watts. I went to [Centennial High School], and that’s right down the street from Watts. I always bumped heads with dude. Just so happens I went up in the studio, and I walked in and saw this nigga in the booth. And I was like, 'Yo, I know you. You just fought Tyron a week ago.' [Laughs.] The next day we just worked on a song, and he’s been my brother since. 100% supportive of my career. Just like I was 110% supportive of his career. He knows if I win, he wins. We all win. That’s all family. We’re growing up in this business together.”

LISTEN: Jay Rock f/ Kendrick Lamar "Diary of A Broke Nigga" (2010)