“I don’t think too many people can say they lived in Compton and saw [Dr. Dre] and 2Pac shooting the 'California Love' video. We were eight or nine-year-old kids, just gazing at these cats like they’re the fucking Gods of the motherfucking city. So the moment he said my name, that’s all I could think about. When he was on Rosecrans Ave. in a white Bentley with 2Pac.

"It was motivating and inspiring to actually meet him in person. He said he liked my humbleness, and wanted to take me to the next level. It really got me hyped because it’s a definite possibility that I’ll be working on Detox. Knowing that this is the last quarter of the album dropping, it’s a blessing for me to come in right at the moment. Just him acknowledging my music is enough for me, but for him to go any further than that? I feel God blessed. So I recorded “Look Out for Detox” immediately after the co-sign. So far we’ve had a meeting, but we’ll definitely be in the studio soon.”

LISTEN: Kendrick Lamar "Look Out For Detox" (2010)