Much like a nuclear family structure and procreation, speculating is in our DNA. We as humans can't help but try to figure out what the Universe will have in store for us based on previous events (and, in the case of our ancestors, by the way certain animal bones were shaped.) While we may no longer be using that skill to track saber-toothed tigers, we can use it in an even more deadly hunting ground: Coachella. Each year, the festival looms on the horizon, and each year music dweebs across the world attempt to divine the line-up from various leaks, conversations, and agreements that may or may not have happened. Like the mighty alpha male, though, we're going to give you something better than hearsay: actual, scientifically derived (thanks to a methodology that included late-night Cheeto binges and throwing darts at a board) odds about the line-up for Coachella 2011. We've scoured the Net and our own notes and are happy to present some realistic odds about who might actually grace the Indio, CA stage this April. And if we're wrong, we'll totally understand if you want to beat us with clubs.

By Alex Young (@AlexYoung) and Chris Coplan (@CCoplan) of