In 2007, there was an industry renaissance in Chicago with the birth of what critics dubbed "hipster-hop." However, drop that name in front of a so-called hipster-hop artist and you might end up with five fingers across the face. Artists like Kid Sister, Hollywood Holt, Million $ Mano, and Flosstradamus were packing venues and parties across the city, and it seemed like the media and labels were treating this movement as the next big thing in music. At the forefront of this phenomenon were Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks, otherwise known as the Cool Kids. This duo rose to prominence due to their colorful, throwback style of dress and hard-hitting, drum heavy, minimalist-style of production reminiscent of late '80s hip-hop. They caught national attention with their first single "Black Mags," which lead to Chuck and Mike starring in a Rhapsody commercial alongside Sara Bareilles promoting the track. The song, dedicated to their preference for pedaling a bicycle over pushing a skateboard (which was also very popular in Chicago at the time), cemented the two as the Chi's leaders of the new school.