Lil Wayne's first week free: While it'd be impossible to summarize a whole week's worth of events adequately in this space, here's a few words and phrases to describe Lil Wayne's first week after being released from prison: cigars, parties, energy drinks, Macbook, 15-hour recording session, basketball, sleep, Arizona, and paternity suit. Life was so much simpler in lock-up. [LINK]

Damon Albarn plans new Gorillaz album for Christmas?: Some artists take years to make an album in a quiet, balanced place of creative tranquility. Then, people like Damon Albarn record the new Gorillaz LP on an iPad from various hotel rooms and then up the ante by mentioning a potential Christmas release date. Life's just not fair, huh? [LINK]

Jimi Hendrix covers Bob Dylan "Tears Of Rage": Do you like Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower"? If you don't, kill yourself. Those still alive: stop reading this and listen to Hendrix make Dylan's magic even more magical once again with "Tears Of Rage." If you're still reading, we're gonna be forced to tell you how we're your real father. Oops. [LINK]

Snoop Dogg announces new album, Doggumentary Music: The fun's been sapped from writing this piece as we've already used the word "dogg" as often as we can. Instead, we'll just tell you that Snoop will be dropping behind-the-scenes videos on the making of the album, due out on March 2011, to give fans insight into his dog-eat-dog world. Ha! Found one more! [LINK]

The Fiery Furnaces plan 10-band related albums in 2011: Members of Brooklyn-by-way-of-Chicago band The Fiery Furnaces, comprising siblings Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger, are both making solo albums for release in 2011. Thing is, Eleanor's working on just one—Matthew has plans for 8. Even if you counted a potential new Furnaces album, that only puts the sibling rivalry score at 2-9. Step your game up, Eleanor. [LINK]

Michael gets a tracklist, Akon-featuring lead single: And the MJ train rolls on. While Michael might be most boring album title ever, the tracklist and list of cameos is anything but. With guests from Lenny Kravitz to 50 Cent (it's a step up from that tubby kid he was working with earlier this week), and even a duet with Akon acting as the first single, it's clear to us that nothing can stop the King of Pop. Where you at, ghost of Tupac? [LINK]

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