Favorite song: "Hip Hop Is Dead" f/ will.i.am
Soulja Boy: “He caused a lot of controversy with that album and I had to listen to it. I was like, 'Man, what the fuck, why this nigga said hip-hop dead? Lemme listen to this from beginning to end and get what I get from it.' And, I ain't really get no dis from it. I think he was throwin’ compliments on certain songs. I can't remember the whole album, but I do remember some of the things that he was saying. I just felt like he should've named it something different. ’Cause if you gonna name something Hip-Hop Is Dead, I'm expecting the first song to come on angry. He was on some deep shit. He was on some, ‘The record labels....’ But that's a part of hip-hop. Like you open up that book and it's a chapter right there and you gotta read that shit if you gon’ be in this game.”

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