Bangladesh: "[After Puff walked in] we was in a cipher with 8Ball & MJG and Puff wanted to hear the verses that they wrote. So MJG went first, 8Ball went second. So, he's telling the A&R, 'Why you got this man just sitting around here, man? Set him up in the other room and let's get him working!' But I gotta make a flight in a couple of hours and he’s setting up plans for me and I don't have those same plans.

"So I go back to Atlanta. When I went back to the crib, I wanted to do something else for them, so I made 'You Don't Want Drama.' I came up with that beat and knew this was the beat. I called Ball and I was like, 'Yo I got this beat for y'all.' He was like, 'Send it, send it.' Puff heard it and they recorded it. They went crazy for it and it became the first single off the album.

"I wasn't in the studio when they did that, though. I went back to Atlanta because I don't like to work in other people's surroundings. I wasn't trying to work in Bad Boy studios. [I like] my own surroundings—there's nobody over your shoulder trying to tell you how to do something."